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Rated power 200W ; AC output Voltage ( Socket 1 pcs) : 230V+- 10% ; Ac output frequency : 50Hz+- 0.5Hz

Waveform : Modified Sine wave

Charging interface : Power charge or solar charge ; Solar charge : 14V ~16V/60V ~ 100W (max)

Charge current : 3~5A , 8A (Max) ; Recharge : After fully discharged , charge 10 hours to 90% capacity

Dc output : USB DC5V1A-2pcs, USB DC5V2.1A-2pcs, DC12V1A-3pcs, 12V Car Ignition -1pcs

LCD display : Battery Capacity, Battery Voltage; LED indicators: USB Output Status, AC charge status

Protection function : Underpressure, overpressure, overload, Over temperature, short circuit

Product characteristics : DC/AC complete isolation ; High Frequency design with small volume; copper transformer

Full protection function ; High efficiency DC/AC inversion ; low no-load loss ; inverter can be turned off independently ; only DC output can reduce the loss. 

Payload type : 

Only open DC output under DC load: Open the DC switch , LCD self-check, DC12V, USB5V will have output, connected to the DC load.

When startin the car iginition, there is no need to turn on the DC/AC switch. The car ignition interface will also have output. 

Shut down, turn off the load switch first, then turn off the AC switch, then turn off the DC switch.

Specification : 

Model : Eg003pb

Battery capacity : one day power 12V30Ah

Car ignition : not more than 20 seconds

1 pcs desktop (100W) : not more than 8 hours

1 pcs notebook PC ( 65W) : not more than 10 hours

1 pcs 50W AC fan : not more than 12hours

1 pcs 55-inch LCD TV ( 75W) : not more than 10 hours

1 pcs 20W LED Lamp : not more than 32 hours

Battery : Lead Acid battery (12V30Ah x 1 pcs)

Package : 

2 x Led Bulb Lamp

1 x JumpStart Car Cable

1 x Charger

1 x ( 3 pcs Solar Panel )

1 x Portable Power Bank

3 x boxes

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