Game Stick 4K 10000 M8 Video Game Console 2.4G Double Wireless Controllers PS1 ATARI Retro TV Dendy Game Sticker

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1. Support 4K HDMI Output: This Video Game Console uses HDMI interface instead of USB interface, you can plug it into TVs, computer monitors, projectors with HDMI interface


2. 2.4G Dual Wireless Gamepad Controller:This Video Game Console has two wireless gamepads.


3. The game console supports one or two players, This Video Game Console has built-in many retro classic games, 3550 and 10000 game versions.


4. Support Multiple Game Formats:This Video Game Console support for PS1,for ATARI,for MAME, forSFC, for FC, for GBA, for GB, for GBC, for MD and more than 40 game formats.


5. Support Downloading Games By Yourself:

If you have other more interesting games, you can download the file online and copy it to the memory card

- Step 1:Download game file

- Step 2:Connect the TF card to the computer with the card reader

- Step 3:Copy the game files to the corresponding folder(the name of the emulator)

- Step 4:Insert the card into the game console,connect the game console and turn it on

- Step 5:Find your game and start playing(you can use the search function).



- This separate controller option can only be used with this game console. It cannot be matched with other game consoles. Please pay attention!



- Operation System:Linux Retroarchiopen Source System High configuration.

- CPU: dual-core cortex-A7.

- Emulator:MAME/FC/GB/GBA/MD/SFC/PS1/ATARI2600/ATARI7800 Sd.

- Ram: DDR3 256M.

- Flash: 128M.

- Material: ABS.

- Color: Black.

- Language: Support Multi-languages.


Packing List:

- 2 X Controller.

- 1 X Game Stick.

- 1 X Charging Cable. 

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